Friday, July 27, 2007


Author: Emma Bull
Published: 1994

Set in the shared universe of the Borderland, the main character, Orient, has a gift for finding things. This talent gets him drafted into a police investigation. Clues are followed, elves are implicated, innocents die, and the guilty get caught.

This novel followed Bull's Bone Dance which had very clear gender bending issues and themes. With Finder I found the same themes, though more subtle. The main character is male, yet is teased several times for not being a manly-man. Whether this is because of his talent, his friend (female elf), or his borderline emotional stability, is not clear. The cop is a strong female character who is very much in control of her emotions and the investigation. The two have a bit of a fling, yet it is Orient that is left hearbroken. A refreshing change of roles, I must say.

Two books down, two thumbs up. Looks like I'll have to read all the rest by Ms. Bull.


Camille Alexa said...

Since I recommended this one, glad you liked it. Those are my two favourites, but I swear; the woman can write no wrong. She has a new one out.

Todd Wheeler said...

A very good recommendation. I wish I had more time to read Finder again as it seemed it would reward closer analysis. I'll have to be satisfied with having merely enjoyed the tale. ;-)