Friday, May 18, 2007


Author: Tobias Buckell
Published: 2007


Expectations can be a problem. The cover and write-ups of this book describe it as taking place in the same universe as Crystal Rain. That was a big, flashing, red signal to me that said 'Not A Sequel'.

And it wasn't, to begin with. New characters to get used to, a plot building and building to a grand crescendo at the middle. And then ...

It's a sequel. Threads are connected. I was a little disappointed in that some previous characters, likeable and well developed, are mentioned but don't appear. Then there are others that are never mentioned. The story of Crystal Rain centers on fighting off the invasion of the Azteca. This is completely undone in Ragamuffin, in a matter of pages.

Ragamuffin is a very good book, and I would guess very accessible to new readers. I'm not one of them. I'll read it again, later, without the baggage.

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Camille Alexa said...

Very interesting. I was kind of hoping you'd email me some private thoughts about this one, but in light of your super-duper time saving measures, maybe I'd be out-of-line in asking.