Monday, April 23, 2007


Author: Bruce Sterling
Published: 2000

I've had mixed results in reading Sterling. He co-wrote "The Difference Engine" which was okay, but not the earthshaking novel one might expect in collaboration with William Gibson.

Sterling's book "Distraction" suffered, in my opinion, from a right turn in the narrative that left me wondering, and wanting, a U-turn back to the main plot. Never happened.

"Zeitgeist" does a similar turn, but gets back on track, at least enough to have a satisfactory ending. It also has a few laugh out loud moments, all the more surprising and enjoyable as I just didn't expect them based on Sterling's prior work. A good book, and a tip of the hat for his very creepy-prescient mention of the Taliban andOsama bin Laden. Maybe he missed with the rest of the buckshot but boy, did he nail that one.

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